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Daisy Pepper is a session bassist in Hertfordshire, UK. Specialising in Rock and Metal, Daisy is a versatile player and can adapt to other genres. 

In 2020, Daisy started sharing her musical journey on social media, and since then has managed to gain tens of thousands of followers and millions of views across various platforms.

Daisy is an artist with Spector BassesDarkglass Electronics, Lava MusicRighton Straps, Treepicks and Dropstrap, and has played bass for artists such as Once Monsters, Laura Evans, JOANovARC, Chloe Adams, Roxy Searle, Steve Young UK, Anchor The Sun, Sam WalkerJason Payne and the Black Leather Riders, The Kut, The Retro Rock Show and many more. Daisy has also connected with brands such as Cherry Dog ApparelFender, Ashdown Amps, GoveeAll Pedal, Goliath FX, Underfluked, and Optima Strings for promotional work.


Contact Daisy:

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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