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Daisy Pepper is a session bassist and in Hertfordshire, UK. Confident in performing, recording and touring, Daisy is an experienced and versatile player.

In 2020, Daisy started sharing her musical journey on social media, and since then has gained tens of thousands of followers and millions of views across various platforms. As a result of the fantastic response, Daisy became a full time session bassist.

Daisy is an artist with Spector Basses, Ashdown Amps, EMG Pickups, Darkglass Electronics, RightOn! Straps, Treepicks and Dropstrap. She currently plays bass in the band 'The Exile Club', and released their debut single 'Some Of That Sweet Tea'.


Daisy has connected with brands such as Aguilar Amps, Cherry Dog Apparel, Fender, Govee, All Pedal, Goliath FX, Underfluked Pedals,, Donner Music, Lava Music, Xvive Audio, Alpher Instruments, Origin Effects, Manson Guitar Works, Enya Music, KHDK Electronics, StoneDeafFX, ZeroFret Pedals, Deez Mutts Pedals and Optima Strings for promotional work.

In January 2024, Daisy became a coach at Scott's Bass Lessons, hosting weekly livestreams for the SBL Live Class. Here, she teaches and talks about all things rock music.


Contact Daisy:

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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