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Introducing my collaboration with Cherry Dog Apparel! 'The Only Pepper That Can Play The Bass' An Indigo Hush Purple soft cotton tee, with hem tag on left sleeve with my signature logo on the right sleeve. Finished with a fiery frontal graphic. Printed, tagged, packaged and shipped from Cherry Dog Apparel, UK. Can't wait to see you all rock this shirt!

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daisy pepper dropstrap

Performing live music is the peak of your day, on stage or in the rehearsal room, we believe that you perform at your best when you are comfortable. The DROP patented mechanism is responsible to change the guitar position on your body with a simple press of a button, while you are playing, with perfect control and a seamless look. Playing technical solos or groovy parts calls for a different tool kit to be executed perfectly...

daisy pepper treepicks bass picks

Daisy designed a pick in a triangle shape, made of purple heart wood, that has her name on one side and custom logo on the other side. "My signature TreePicks bass plectrum is the perfect balance of bass tone. It gives your bass that extra kick, but maintains that brighter tone you strive for when using a pick. Made from my favourite purple heart wood, it is comfortable to hold and is super durable. Perfect for both gigging and studio work." - Daisy Pepper

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See the 'Daisy Pepper' TreePicks in action here:

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