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“Daisy knows what to play and when to play it. With her versatile bass chops, positive spirit and professionalism, she’s a great addition to any musical situation.” 

"Daisy has been working with me for over a year now, when I need someone I can rely on for an important gig/event I know I can call on Daisy. 
Daisy is one of the hardest working musicians I’ve had the pleasure of working with, she dedicates her time to mastering her craft and any songs you throw at her she always smashes them! 
I’m so very blessed to have found such an incredible musician, not only is she professional but she has an outstanding stage presence that is hard to find in session musicians. My knowledge of music theory isn’t too great so when I explain to Daisy what I need when we are recording or rehearsing, she get’s it immediately and can translate it into technical terms for the other musicians in the band. 
Daisy has been an asset anytime she has performed with me, I’m very grateful to have her."

"I absolutely loved working with Daisy! She quickly learned all the songs, and at our first practice she was punctual and very friendly. It was like we had already been playing together for years! She was proactive in taking notes, making suggestions and adding her twist to the bass lines where she saw fit. She embraced my music as if it was her own. Her energetic stage presence was eye catching to the public and instigating to the others performing with her. I can’t wait to work with her again!"

"As a drummer, Daisy is an absolute delight to play alongside with. From the first bar of the first number she hit the groove & we were away. Bang on the money every time. Fabulous player. Looking forward to the next time."

"Daisy Pepper is an exceptional bass player and session musician. She recently performed with the band earlier this year in Germany. She showed true professionalism, reliability and delivered an outstanding performance. I would definitely recommend Daisy Pepper when hiring a musician for your project."

"Daisy plays and conducts herself as a professional, seasoned touring musician. She plays for the music with great feeling and is a wonderful presence to have on stage and on the road. Any band would be lucky to have her as part of their team."

"Daisy Pepper is an extremely talented bassist. She is very professional and has performed live with my band JOANovARC and for my solo project in Germany and the UK. Daisy is great to work with and also very reliable as a session musician. I would highly recommend Daisy for any recording sessions or live performances. This young fresh musician has achieved so much already in the early part of her career."

"Working with Daisy is an absolute treat. Being a drummer, her professionalism and steady groove makes locking in together so easy. A superb performer and always reliable to step up to any musical challenge. Daisy has a beautiful and easy going personality which makes working with her so comfortable."

"Daisy is a fantastic musician and a consummate professional. I had the pleasure of having her in my band when I toured the UK, as well as having her on board for several other of my shows. Daisy is a master of her craft and also a lovely person to have around, reliable, rehearsed  & a rock star on stage."

"Daisy is a professional of the very highest order. She not only has an incredible level of technical ability and versatility, but also an innate feel for the subtleties and nuances of what a song needs. Perhaps even more importantly; she's extremely easy to work with. Fun, accommodating, punctual, understanding and sensitive to the specific needs and requirements of each client she works with."

"I'm always very happy knowing Daisy Pepper is in the rhythm section as her knowledge and approach to performing bass is highly skillful, incredibly solid and beautifully melodic. As a drummer, she's a joy to perform with and a name to watch out for in the future."

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