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Daisy Pepper is a session bassist and in Hertfordshire, UK. Confident in performing, recording and touring, Daisy is an experienced and versatile player.

Daisy started her bass guitar journey in 2015 at 14 years old. At her school, a music teacher started a 'bass club', to encourage more girls to get involved with bass guitar. Within a day of playing, Daisy went home and bought her first bass.

After leaving secondary school, Daisy joined Harlow College, where she studied Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Performance and Production. She flew through the 2 year course, and passed in 2019, all with Distinctions. During this time, she was working part time in a local music shop.

After Daisy left college, she went full time at the music shop, but still had dreams to become a full time musician.

In 2020, Daisy started sharing her musical journey on social media. In September of that year, her cover of Muse's 'Hysteria' went viral on YouTube (1M+ views). Since then, she has gained tens of thousands of followers (Instagram 50k+, YouTube 35k+) and millions of views across various platforms (YouTube 4M+). As a result of the fantastic response, Daisy became a full time session bassist.

Daisy is an artist with Spector Basses, EMG Pickups, Darkglass Electronics, Ashdown Engineering, RightOn! Straps, TreePicks and Dropstrap. She currently has her own signature bass plectrum with TreePicks, and a signature Dropstrap.


In May of 2022, Daisy flew to New York City, to film promotional work with Spector Basses for their new NS Dimension range. Throughout 2022 and 2023, Daisy worked with Ashdown Amps to create promotional content for Ashdown's social media pages. Daisy also worked with RightOn! Straps in early 2023 to create her own unique customised bass guitar straps. In late 2022, Daisy placed a custom bass order with Spector's USA custom shop, in collaboration with MusicLoft in North Carolina. The custom bass was one of the most unique basses that Spector had worked on.


In the beginning of 2023, Daisy joined a band called 'The Exile Club', a Roots, Rock and Blues band. They have completed the recording for their debut album (July 2023), and their debut single 'Some Of That Sweet Tea' released February 2024. Daisy recorded all of the bass tracks with her custom Spector bass.

Daisy is the full-time bassist for the UK theatre show, The Retro Rock Show. Since the start of 2023, she has toured all across the UK playing in some of the most reputable theatres.

In January 2024, Daisy joined the faculty team at Scott's Bass Lessons to host weekly livestream lessons, teaching all things rock music. She also joined Ian Martin Allison on an episode of the SBL Podcast.


Daisy has played bass for artists such as Once Monsters, Laura Evans, JOANovARC, Chloe Adams, Roxy Searle, Anchor The Sun, Sam Walker, Steve Young UK, Jason Payne and the Black Leather Riders, The Kut, The Retro Rock Show, Electron, TILLY, Borderline Toxic and many more.

2023 was the year of touring, as Daisy toured with Laura Evans in February (UK), October (UK) and November (Europe). Daisy had also previously toured with Laura in 2022 on a UK tour. In April and December 2023, Daisy played bass in The Kut Collective, and completed 2 exciting UK support tours with Shonen Knife and Danko Jones.


Daisy has also connected with brands such as Aguilar Amps, Cherry Dog Apparel, Fender, Ashdown Amps, Manson Guitar Works, Govee, All Pedal, Goliath FX, Underfluked,, Donner Music, Lava Music, Origin Effects, ENYA Music, Alpher Instruments, KHDK Electronics and Optima Strings for promotional work.


Contact Daisy:

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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